We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Australia to be open and transparent regarding its COVID-19 tracing software application, with an independent review process open to all in the international and Australian community.

If the goal in releasing the COVID-19 tracing app is to have many people download and use it, then the app must also have the confidence of the public that it is not unduly breaching their privacy.

It is possible to offer the public both privacy and successful COVID-19 contact tracing.

The Australian Government has, to date, only had the software reviewed in a secretive and closed process by a small number of hand-picked agencies and entities. The government has already had the basis for its planned app for more than a month. During this time, it has kept its own design and software code a secret. There is no need for secrecy here: this is not a commercial app. Secrecy only helps the virus.

Secrecy in the time of COVID-19 is not a recipe for public trust. Trust requires transparency.

We call on the Government to:

  1. Openly publish all source code, design specifications and testing results to the public *before* they release any tracing app or ask Australians to install on it their phones and devices
  2. Give the international community of technical experts at universities and in industry at least 5 full days to openly examine the software code and documentation for the privacy and security risks to the public.
  3. Adopt the recommendations of the best privacy practice from this open community of experts who serve the public’s interest with independence and integrity
  4. Only ask people to download an app which provides the highest level of privacy and security protection

If you are an academic or industry researcher and would like to sign on please click below:

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(Alternatively, email: or direct message @covid_open on Twitter)

Signed (in alphabetical order):

  1. Dr Roba Abbas
  2. A/Prof Greg Adamson
  3. Mr Matthew Ames
  4. Mr Barry Anderson
  5. Dr Bruce Baer Arnold
  6. Dr Hassan Jameel Asghar
  7. Mr Milton Baar
  8. Professor Tim Baldwin
  9. Prof Lyria Bennett Moses
  10. Dr Caitlin Bentley
  11. Mr Adrian Blake
  12. A/Prof Mark Burdon
  13. Dr. Daniel Capurro
  14. Prof Wendy Chapman
  15. Dr Marc Cheong
  16. Dr Deborah Cleland
  17. Dr Damian Clifford
  18. Dr Simon Coghlan
  19. Dr Chris Culnane
  20. Dr Angela Daley
  21. Dr Heather Dalton
  22. A/Professor Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson
  23. Dr Suelette Dreyfus
  24. Mr David Eccles
  25. Mr Paul Esson
  26. Dr Farhad Farokhi
  27. Dr Nancy Mauro-Flude
  28. Mr George Fong
  29. Prof Marcus Foth
  30. Dr Robbie Fordyce
  31. Aimee Maree Forsstrom
  32. A/Prof Kate Galloway
  33. Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen
  34. Ms Sae Ra Germaine on behalf of the board of Linux Australia, Inc.
  35. A/Prof Rebecca Giblin
  36. Dr Steve Glass
  37. Dr Jake Goldenfein
  38. Df Piers Gooding
  39. Prof Graham Greenleaf
  40. Mr David Hook
  41. Dr Muhammad Ikram
  42. Dr Neela Janakiramanan
  43. Dr Simon Jeaffreson
  44. Dr Suneel Jethani
  45. Mr Joseph Jitnah
  46. Dr Sarah Joseph
  47. Prof Dali Kaafar
  48. Dr Katherine Kemp
  49. Prof Andrew Kenyon
  50. Dr Les Kitchen
  51. Prof Louis de Koker
  52. Dr Dan Kortschak
  53. Dr Terja Lange
  54. Prof Seth Lazar
  55. Ms Kobi Leins
  56. Mr Arjen Lentz
  57. Dr. Nir Lipovetzky
  58. Dr Monique Mann
  59. Dr Nancy Mauro-Flude
  60. Ms Michelle Meares
  61. Prof Katina Michael
  62. Dr. Charlynn Miller
  63. A/Prof Tim Miller
  64. Dr Felicity Millman
  65. A/Prof Peta Mitchell
  66. Mr Angus Murray
  67. Dr Toby Murray
  68. Kelsie Nabben
  69. Dr Eduardo Araujo Oliveira
  70. Ms Lizzie O’Shea
  71. Dr Tamsin Phillipa Paige
  72. Dr James Parker
  73. Prof Jeannie Paterson
  74. Mr Laurie Patton
  75. Dr Manuel Parra-Royón
  76. Dr Liam Pomfret
  77. Barbara Reed
  78. Prof Pompeu Casanovas Romeu
  79. A/Prof Ben Rubinstein
  80. Dr Peter Schachte
  81. Prof Lesley Seebeck
  82. Dr Amin Sakzad
  83. Laura Summers
  84. Prof Melanie Swalwell
  85. A/Prof Mark Taylor
  86. A/Prof Vanessa Teague
  87. Catherine Thompson
  88. Dr Gil Tidhar
  89. Dr Martin Tomko
  90. David Vaile
  91. Professor Maggie Walter
  92. Mr Nigel Waters
  93. Prof David Watts
  94. Prof Kimberlee Weatherall
  95. Emma Wise
  96. Dr Niels Wouters
  97. Ms Asher Wolf
  98. Marcus Wigan
  99. Dr Yuval Yarom
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